What is QAIO?

Girl Apply Make-Up in Front of Smart Mirror

QAIO The Smart Mirror

QAIO has everything you can wish for as bathroom mirror. You can connect your smart devices, watch the latest news, get updates on your stocks, read the morning newspaper, watch movies, see who is at your front door, or get the ideal light for your makeup.

You can also talk to your mirror, get quick answers to your questions, because Alexa is built inside every QAIO.

QAIO Products

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QAIO Cabinet Mirror
QAIO Custom Mirror

Alexa in your bathroom

QAIO Lights, Camera, Alexa!

You can talk to your mirror,
get quick answers to your questions,
because Alexa is built inside every QAIO.

Control your mirror with Alexa Control your mirror with Alexa

QAIO lets you use your smart devices like never before

Keep your smartphone out of the bathroom and connect your toothbrush, shaver, scale and much more to the QAIO and see everything on the mirror.

QAIO is so much more

See QAIO in action

QAIO True Light

Want a world with perfect lighting? QAIO has vertical light strips that simulate the light in different environments.

From sunlight to office light, from living room light to candle light, QAIO True Light offers the full spectrum between 2700K and 6300K so that you can set the right light tone to apply your makeup in different simulated environments.

Touchless Light On-Off

Just move your hand below the QAIO and the True Light LED will turn on and off, touchless. For an easy start in the morning.
New Technology for Smart Mirror

Night Light

You can wake up in the middle of the night with ease, no matter the time. QAIO has a convenient night light that turns on automatically when you walk into your bathroom.

Drift comfortably to sleep, knowing QAIO is there to shine the light when needed. (not available on the QAIO Cabinet Mirror).

Technology in Magic Mirror

Easy Installation

Installation is easy and usually takes 30-40 minutes.

Simply mount the wall mount strips to the wall, connect the QAIO to power, and hang QAIO on the wall.

QAIO Has It All

  • Smart Mirror with built-in Camera

    Built-in Full HD Camera

    Installed hidden behind the mirror, comes with a full HD camera. For privacy reasons the camera can be unplugged.

  • Latest technology in smart mirror

    Easy Installation in 30 Minutes

    Mount 2 bars against the wall, hang the QAIO on the wall
    connect to power, connect to Wi-Fi. It only takes 30 minutes.

  • Smart mirror with the latest technology

    Fully Customizable to Any Size and Shape

    QAIO is available in standard sizes but also fully customizable, in almost any shape and size.

  • Most recent technology in mirror

    Alexa Voice Control

    Ask QAIO questions and the answers show up on your mirror. With Alexa built-in, QAIO is ready for the future.

  • Magic Mirror Technology

    Night Light With Motion Sensor

    The night light turns on when you enter the bathroom and turns off 5 minutes after you leave. (not available on QAIO Cabinet Mirrors)

  • Buy smart mirror in USA

    True Light

    Every QAIO comes with True Light technology that allows you to set the light color from 2700K to 6300K. A wireless remote control with holder is included.

  • Wireless Keyboard

    QAIO comes with a wireless keyboard. It allows you to get the most out of your Smart TV applications.

  • Latest technology in smart mirror
    Built-in Microphone

    With more and more Apps available that require a microphone, QAIO is compatible. For privacy reasons the microphone can be unplugged.

  • CES Smart Mirror
    Choose TV Size 12.1” up to 98”

    QAIO is available in many different configurations and TV sizes between 12.1” and 98”. (customized mirrors only)

  • Smart Mirror From CES
    TV Completely Vanishes When Turned Off

    It’s like magic. The TV will vanish completely when turned off.

  • Showcase CES Smart Mirror
    Completely Powered by Safe 24 Volt

    The complete mirror is powered with 24 volt DC that is safe to use anywhere in the bathroom. QAIO comes with a worldwide universal power supply.

  • New Smart Technology
    ON/OFF and Volume Touch Buttons

    Hidden behind the mirror, QAIO has 3 easy-to-reach touch buttons for ON/OFF and volume control.

  • Touchscreen sensor mirror.

    QAIO comes standard with a touchscreen on the main TV that allows you to control the applications much faster than a regular remote control.

  • The best home appliance.
    Extra 12.1” Panel

    QAIO comes standard with an additional 12.1” panel on the top. It can show you weather in your area, stocks, transit-time to work, reminders, latest news or a traditional analog clock. You can configure this the way you want.


With QAIO, your hotel will be ready for the upcoming decades with sophisticated features that will impress your guests. QAIO is compatible with ProCentric and Proldiom, so integration with your existing system has never been easier.