QAIO customization

QAIO, a smarter mirror, can be customized to any shape, any size.
There is no minimum order quantity and it can be shipped directly to your doorstep.

Know your size

Measure the width and height of your favorite QAIO. The maximum size is 130 inches x 96 inches (335X244cm)

Select the style of the corner

Select the corner of the mirror: straight or round (1 inch or 2 inch radius). The edges of the mirror have been polished beautifully.

Need a special shape?

If you want a special shape, you can equip a piece of paper template or AutoCAD document. The mirror is cut with a high-precision CAD machine to ensure perfect fit.

Choose the cut outs.

Choose if you need cut outs in the mirror for the faucet or lighting.

TV size and location

You can choose from a TV size from 12.1 inches to a large 98 inches. All TVs use 24V DC. TVs above 21.5 inches are equipped with 4K Ultra HD resolution. You can also choose the location of the TV in the mirror.
(You need a distance of 3 inches from the edge of the mirror and the LED light to the wall.)

QAIO Single Sink Mirror with updates on the screen and true ligh technology

Select the location of the additional 12.1-inch panel

Very convenient 12.1-inch panels can be installed in any position you want.

Choose true lighting

Real lighting will make your smart bathroom cabinet mirror a versatile vanity mirror. You can choose the exact position and number of real light bars in the mirror.

These are what we need. Please contact your local distributor and allow 4-8 weeks of full delivery time.